Who We Are

The Love and Enlightenment Company is a multinational, nonprofit media and production studio that creates inspiring content in regards to global issues that need immediate attention and aspects of life that might otherwise be ignored. Here at L&E Co. we find profit in truth, vigilance, and social responsibility.

What We Offer

The L&E Company develops and produces a wide-range of projects that include but are not limited to, travel planning, film, photography, and event planning. We create visual mediums that provoke thought, analysis, and the visualization of a new perspective on life. Seeking solely to rehabilitate the hurt, lost, and alone while also inspiring courage, faith, and boldness in our everyday lives. We specialize in commercials and branded content, film production, music video production, fashion films, and social media outreach.

Where We're Located

The Love and Enlightenment Company has a loving home base in Los Angeles, California. Our team is comprised of members spanning  across the globe from New York City, France, Prague, the United Kingdom, Kenya, Dubai and beyond. We are more than happy to meet your needs in any area around the world.




Our company’s success has largely been due to the fact that we have been able to produce premier high resolution photographs which capture the essence of that perfect moment.  We currently have the ability to provide a staff photographer and full production team to cover a multitude of events and projects worldwide.


The Love and Enlightenment Company was founded on the conviction that any company, brand or person, big or small, needs top quality video content and distribution to make an impact with customers and fans.  Our video production team specializes in the production of visual marketing content. We offer unparalleled opportunities for branding through our numerous digital media outlets and extensive professional network around the globe. We have developed geo-targeted marketing campaigns to get your video seen by the exact clientele you desire.


The rapid growth of the internet has drastically changed the way individuals research and plan for their next meal, vacation, purchase, and inspiration. Travel blogging has becoming one of the fastest growing and most trusted sources for obtaining in depth  knowledge of travel information. The Best Information Ever is proud to be currently working with active travel bloggers whom are able to visit and provide reviews on global properties, businesses,  food services, social events, and more.



We take our followers on an intimate journey and allow them to become thoroughly acquainted with a given destination, event, or cause through our extremely popular social media channels and website.  We feature and highlight many of the tourist attractions, natural beauty, leisure activities, restaurants, and hospitality options available when traveling as well. Our extensive network spans over 13+ million viewers and is the perfect place to promote your next inspiring venture.

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